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Universities in Luton

Luton is a large city mostly associated with one of the English airports. It is located in a small county of Berdfordshire. It is inhabited by Poles to a large extent, and our native language can be heard here at almost every step. What else is worth knowing about this city? And why study here? We answer.

We will help you to start studying in Luton

Studying in England is your deepest dream? Do you care about the high level university experience, with a close access to the capital? Luton will be a perfect choice for you. We know that the recruitment process for studies, especially those abroad, can be very stressful, so we will gladly assist you during it. You do not have to worry about the fact that it will cost you dearly – due to the fact that we have contracts with English universities, we help candidates completely for free.

Why should you study in Luton?

The low costs of living are a huge advantage of Luton. Due to the large number of students living here, the city has a lot of clubs, pubs and restaurants designed for them. The charming market square with the town hall and the large, well-equipped shopping center are another type of its attractions. Every year, events such as the International Carnival or Bedford River Festival are also held here.

The town itself is located only 50 km from London and is connected perfectly well to the other parts of Great Britain. This location will allow you to live in a quiet town, but with access to a city that lives around the clock.

Luton is a city that developed in the 20th century – traces of this period are visible in the architecture of buildings in the center. It is also recommended to visit the two local parks: Stockwood and Wardown, where fascinating museums are located.

There is a sports field, athletics facility and Discovery Center in Stockwood Park. The whole place is situated among giant old trees. In Wardown Park, in an amazing Victorian era mansion, the Wardown Park Museum is located, focusing on local archaeological excavations.

What are the colleges in Luton? Which ones are particularly worth paying attention to?

Luton is the home to the University of Bedfordshire, a modern college with high-quality teaching experience – famous for its emphasis on practical skills and experience within a specific industry. The University constantly maintains contacts with many professional organizations which help students in their employment process.

A big advantage of the University of Bedfordshire is its location – it is located 2.5 km from the airport, from which low cost airlines fly to Poland (Wizzair). Many lecturers here have achieved the National Teaching Fellowship Awards. Other locations of this university can be found in Milton Keynes and Bedford. In total, about 25,000 students from over 100 different countries study at the university. A characteristic feature of this facility is that students can have their own supervisor.

The University of Bedfordshire is distinguished by a very modern infrastructure, which includes: the Center for Media Arts (including a film and radio studio) and the Center for Scientific Resources (with many electronic resources and an extensive library). It is worth mentioning that the university has one of the most generous scholarship programs in England.

How to start studying in Luton?

You must first become enrolled in the UCAS system in order to study in England – whether you live in the UK or somewhere else. It will calculate the results based on your high school examinations. Another issue is the so-called Personal Statement, which is a cover letter that might increase your chances in the recruitment process. In addition, all documents should be completed at the beginning of the calendar year in which you intend to take the final exams.

The accommodation is also worth taking into account. University of Bedfordshire dormitory rooms can be rented for just £ 400 per month. This price includes 24-hour security, laundry, insurance, utilities and access to the gym and university cinema. All students starting their studies at the University of Bedfordshire in Luton are guaranteed rooms on campus. The university has a total of four halls of residence, and one of  them is located in Luton – you can book a place in it as soon as you choose the university.

If you have any questions about studying in Luton, write to us or call us. We will respond faster than you might expect!