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Universities in Birmingham

Birmingham is the second largest city in England – more than a million people live here every day. The story goes hand in hand with modern architecture, and the very metropolitan area is rapidly expanding. Although it was considered as a rather uninteresting city for several years, for some time everything has changed in it and now there is always something really interesting happening here.

We will help you to start studying in Birmingham

Birmingham is the second city in England not only in terms of its area, but also in regard to the number of students. It gives a chance of gaining a very good education experience and great development prospects. If you don’t know where to start applying for local universities here and have any questions – you’ve come to the right place! Due to the fact that we have direct contracts with various universities, we will help you completely for free.

Why should you study in Birmingham?

The city is located in the very center of the country, about an hour from London. A very big advantage of it is that – despite the fact that it is quite large, the living costs in it are significantly lower than those in the capital. Accommodation costs are also extremely low, and are claimed to be the lowest in all of England. Birmingham also offers many opportunities when it comes to work, including temporary work.

It is worth studying in Birmingham for many reasons – not only because of the great opportunities it provides and the high level of education, but also due to the unique atmosphere. There are several colleges here, and alongside them – a wide range of pubs, clubs and restaurants, designed partially for students. In addition, there are numerous museums, theaters, concert halls and cinemas. For example, the oldest English cinema, which is over a hundred years old now, is located here. The amazing atmosphere is still there to this day and movies from the last era are still being shown.

A place worth visiting is the famous Gas Street, located along the restored canals around which there are art galleries and stylish restaurants. You can also take a boat trip through the canals and get to know the city from a different, very interesting perspective. The very extensive network of canals in Birmingham is a reminiscence of the industrial history of the city. Coal and iron ore were transported this way in previous centuries.

An interesting fact is that as much as 40% of Birmingham residents are under 25 years old. The local population is considered one of the youngest in the whole Europe, hence the wide presence of cultural and entertainment activities for young people. There are also many sports clubs and student organizations dedicated to people with various tastes, views and interests.

What are the colleges in Birmingham? Which ones are particularly worth paying attention to?

Below we describe three modern universities worth studying at in Birmingham.

Middlesex University – this university has its branch in Birmingham, where you can study: Business Accounting and Business Management with Healthcare. Annual courses as a part of a foundation year (a substitute year during which you can, if necessary, prepare yourself for your studies) are also offered on both courses.

Ulster University – a university offering education on a high level; in Birmingham you can study Computing Systems there – a course offering education in the field of various types of computer systems. Graduates of this course obtain an apprenticeship diploma.

Solent University – is a modern, international university with headquarters located Southampton. It holds over 11 thousand students. In Birmingham, you can study Business Management there.

How to start studying in Birmingham?

Every polish high school graduate has the right to study in England. The recruitment process looks a bit different here, but the Polish high school diploma is fully honored. During the admission to the university, both the results of the secondary school examination and the grades on the certificate are taken into account. At some universities, qualification interviews are also organized.

Do you have any questions concerning studying in Birmingham? Or maybe you need some advice? Write to us or call us – we will be delighted to help you!