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Universities in Bedford

Bedford is a charming town, perfect for picnics and walks. It is one of the oldest English cities with many museums and other places of interest. People who love cycling will feel perfectly well here – the city is small enough for you to not be in need of using public transport. Currently, there are over 80,000 residents in Bedford.

We will help you to start studying in Bedford

Would you like to study in Bedford? Are you afraid that there will be something wrong with your documents or you will forget about something? We are an agency which helps students at every stage of the recruitment process: we will support you with your application and completing all necessary documents. And we will do it all for free – since we have ongoing contracts with many universities, our services are 100% free of charge.

Why should you study in Bedford?

Let’s begin with the location. Bedford is located near London (40 minutes by train) and Luton (25 minutes by train). The close location of the capital city will allow you to spend more than one weekend in it. When it comes to Luton itself, there is an airport from which cheap airlines fly to Poland, more specifically – WizzAir, which is also a great convenience. You can travel to Luton and London not only by a train but also by a bus – the road will be a bit longer, but the ticket price will be significantly lower. It is worth mentioning that the trip to both London and Luton does not require any transfers. 

Monuments and various other attractions are the next topic. One of the most characteristic monuments of this city is the Bedford Castle Mound, the only remaining part of the medieval stronghold. When living in Bedford, you must also visit the Higgins Gallery and Museum. There are also numerous theaters within the city – at the South Bank Arts Center and Bedford Theater you will witness the highest quality art.

The city regularly hosts such festivals as: Bedford River Festival, Bedford by the Sea, Kite Festival or Festival of Motoring. Movie enthusiasts will probably become interested in nearby Cardington, where several movies were shot, like “Batman or the Dark Knight”. You will also find lively pubs and restaurants in Bedford.

Bedford is a city located at a charming river. Bedford Park, positioned near the campus, is a place where you can walk or even play cricket, basketball and tennis. There are landscape parks and nature reserves near the city. A big advantage of living in Bedford are also the relatively low living costs – prices here are much lower than those in both London and Luton.

What are the colleges in Bedford? Which ones are particularly worth paying attention to?

One of the University of Bedfordshire campuses is located in Bedford. This university is known for its high level of education and research – it received the Queen’s Award in 2013. It also received the highest grade as part of the Quality Assurance Agency audit. The campus is located near the city center.

At Bedford, you can attend courses related to Education (Primary Education; Secondary and Post-Compulsory Education; Education Studies), Sport and Tourism (Physical Education and Sport Studies; Sport and Exercise Sciences; Tourism and Leisure;), Accounting and Management (Accounting and Business Management), Dance and Performing Arts and Social work.

Absolwenci tej uczelni twierdzą, że wykładowcy są bardzo otwarci i chętni do pomocy. Cały uniwersytet kładzie nacisk na takie wartości, jak równość czy tolerancja. Studenci mają tutaj także dostęp do biblioteki, która jest otwarta przez całą dobę. Wszystko to sprawia, że edukacja na tym uniwersytecie jest naprawdę przyjemna. 

Graduates of this university claim that lecturers are very open minded and willing to help. The entire university emphasizes values ​​such as equality and tolerance. Students also have access to a library  which is open 24 hours a day. All this makes studying at this university a really enjoyable experience.

How to start studying in Bedford?

Regardless of whether you are just considering studying in England or you already know exactly which course and university will suit you perfectly – you must start the recruitment process by registering in the UCAS system. It is good to know that you will have to register through this system in order to apply for all British universities, which is also a big relief for candidates.

During admission to the university, the results of the secondary school examination are firstly taken into consideration, and the Polish baccalaureate is fully honored (there is no need to take an international baccalaureate course). In addition, it is worth taking care of the Personal Statement (a cover letter) and references – preferably from one of your teachers.

Studies in England are paid. If you are worried that this is too much of a financial burden for you, you can apply for a student loan. Many universities give you also a lot of freedom in arranging your class schedule, so that you can combine your learning with work.

Do you have any questions concerning studying in Bedford? Are you perhaps wondering what documents you might need to submit or are afraid that something may go wrong with fulfilling them? Write to us or call us: we will be delighted to help you!