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University of Bedfordshire

Law with Criminology LLB (Hons)

Rok zerowy, Licencjat
Czas trwania
3 lata, 4 lata

Opis kierunku

  • Informacje
  • Wymagania

The Law with Criminology LLB (Hons) course provides knowledge of the various facets of law, but also of criminology and the subjects that are closely related to it. Criminology modules have been introduced into the programme, as well as classes exploring issues such as corporate and organised crime, victimisation and offender rehabilitation.

Why take the Law with Criminology LLB (Hons) course?

  • Students following law degrees at the University of Bedfordshire have broad career prospects (top of CUG 2024 rankings)
  • The course meets the requirements of the Bar Standards Board
  • Students can use the modern Moot Court space
  • The qualifications gained on the course are accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

What skills does the course programme guarantee?

  • The syllabus for the Law with Criminology LLB (Hons) course covers core legal subjects and topics related to criminology
  • Topics covered include corporate and organised crime, violence in the community, research into why crimes are committed
  • Students can participate in extra-curricular projects, such as the Law Clinic or the Refugee Legal Assistance Project
  • Students learn to apply sound legal argumentation

Where to study this course?

Law degrees in England are very popular due to the high level of education presented by local universities. Our suggestion for the Law with Criminology LLB (Hons) course is the Univeristy Square Campus in Luton.

Ten kierunek jest organizowany przez:
School of Accounting, Finance and Law

Ten kierunek przyznaje kwalifikacje:
LBB Hons

Foundation year:

Pre-settle/Settle status/ paszport brytyjski*/indefinitive leave to remain


Dwa lata doświadczenia zawodowego(CV)
Świadectwo ukończenia liceum lub technikum ze średnia 3.0/ Matura zdana na poziomie 45%

Test językowy:

Wewnętrzny test językowy zdany na poziomie 4.5pkt (skala 1-8)

Rok pierwszy:

Pre-settle/Settle status/ paszport brytyjski/indefinitive leave to remain


Matura zdana na poziomie średnio 60% ze wszystkich przedmiotów

Test językowy:

Wewnętrzny test językowy zdany na poziomie 5.5pkt (skala 1-8)
*osoby które posiadają tylko paszport brytyjski mogą aplikować przez nasza agencje tylko powyżej 25 roku życia