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Universities in Southampton

Southampton is a beautiful student city. It is located on the south coast of England, by the English Channel. Its showcase is the lively port and beautiful weather (the most beautiful in the whole country). It was from this town that Titanic began her maiden voyage. Jane Austen also lived here, and trips in her footsteps are organized in Southampton to this day. What is also worth knowing about the very city? Why should you study here? Check it all out!

We will help you to start studying in Southampton

Studying in Southampton is your dream, but are you afraid of potentially making mistakes while applying? Are you wondering if there is anything else you should know about the universities here? If so, you are in the right place – our agency can assist you with beginning your studies in England completely for free. But why should you study in Southampton? We answer.

Why should you study in Southampton?

Southampton is a friendly town full of greenery, just about one hour from London. This location also facilitates transport from and to Poland. It is a city without the urban hustle and bustle, and at the same time – thanks to its location – it allows you to enjoy the benefits of a large metropolis. You pay about £ 400 per month for a decent standard room – living costs are also relatively low here in Southampton.

There are many bars, clubs and movie theaters in the city, making it fairly easy to integrate with other students. People looking for this type of entertainment should be interested in places such as Bedford Place or Bevois Valley. Football fans will like the housing estate operating in the former stadium, which was demolished in 2001 – the local buildings are inspired by its shape. What’s more, some blocks were named after numerous players from this city, for example Matt Le Tissier. There are also many charming parks in the city.

Southampton will also appeal to history lovers. Many excavations indicate that the city was already inhabited in ancient times. The mighty warship of Henry V was built here as well as the first journey to the New World, that is North America, took place from the very city in 1620. It was also a strategic city during World War II.

Many people may be interested in the fact that there is also a geothermal power plant in Southampton, thanks to which the city is at the forefront of English cities with the lowest carbon dioxide emissions. It is also worth mentioning that the Internet inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, comes from Southampton.

What are the colleges in Southampton? Which ones are particularly worth paying attention to?

Among the universities located in Southampton, Solent University is especially worth considering. It is a modern and rapidly growing university. It offers many courses and over 130 of them can be started from the so-called year zero. Its big advantage is the location – it is located in the very center of the seaside town.

Solent University is very popular among people passionate about journalism: it is well-equipped and has its own TV car. It is also a great opportunity for people who would like to deal with ship and yacht engineering, sea transport and logistics in the future. The university houses the Maritime Training Academy, famous for its high level of education.

Solent University will also appeal to artistic souls who can study here such courses as: Illustration, Beauty Promotion or Interior Design Decoration. The university campus is a home for about 18 thousand students.

An interesting fact is that during periods of examinations, the library in Southampton is open around the clock. You can also get free support in the field of therapy and mental health while studying at Solent University, which is a big advantage.

How to start studying in Southampton?

You have to use the UCAS system in order to apply to universities located in Southampton or other British cities. At each step of the recruitment process, UCAS sends candidates appropriate e-mails, which provide further instructions that have to be carefully followed.

Students at Solent University can apply for a place in one of the six halls of residence. Room prices in these halls start from £ 96.25 per week. People looking for dormitory accommodation may be surprised by the fact that the season ticket is included in the room rental price – in practice it means £ 40 less money is spent on transport around the city each month. You are also able to rent rooms in private apartments if you wish.

Do you have any questions about the recruitment process for your chosen field? Or maybe you are in need of advice concerning all of the necessary documents? Write to us or call us – we will assist you completely for free!