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QA Higher Education

International Business MSc

London, Birmingham
21 months, 1 year
Tuition fee
January, May, September

Course description

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The International Business MSc course allows students to learn about international business from a micro and macro perspective. Course participants explore business theory and then apply it in practice (Advanced Practice). This element of the course provides the opportunity to gain professional experience by participating in an industry internship or completing a research project.

Why take the International Business MSc course?

  • The teaching staff consists of experts with experience in international business
  • Students use technology (TEL) to use the e-learning platform “Blackboard”.
  • Students can benefit from the support of the Academic Community of Excellence team
  • The courses take the form of lectures, seminars and tutorials.
  • Students can use a well-equipped library with online resources, social spaces and a quiet study area.

What skills can be acquired on the International Business MSc course?

  • The course programme includes aspects of leadership, management and business development.
  • Students learn to make decisions and business and develop strategies
  • Course participants have the opportunity to conduct research in the field of global marketing
  • Upon completion of the study modules, students complete a 15-week advanced internship.
  • Graduates can work in positions with skills in leadership, finance, planning, sales, marketing or project management

Where to study this course in England?

Our university offering for the International Business MSc is Ulster University, with campuses in two locations: Birmingham and London.