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Information Security Management (Part-Time) MSc

2 years
Tuition fee
January, October

Course description

  • Information

The MSc Information Security Management (part-time) programme develops technical skills related to information security and management. Students learn to build network security strategies, assess risks and implement crisis management strategies. The course also develops academic skills, including the ability to learn quickly and effectively. The course is taught on a part-time basis.

Why study for a degree in Information Security Management (part-time)?

  • Activities take the form of workshops, tutorials and discussion forums
  • Students are encouraged to combine their studies with work experience
  • Learning is supported by technology (TEL), which includes, among other things, an e-learning platform
  • Students have access to an academic support team

What skills can be gained from the MSc Information Security Management (part-time)?

  • Students on the course learn to develop digital security policies and manage remote teams
  • The course programme covers the protection and confidentiality of all types of information
  • Students will learn strategies to avoid or mitigate information risks
  • Course develops professionals in cyber security and technology projects
  • The course programme covers areas such as computer forensics, incident management, professional investigation of methodologies
  • Students prepare a project in computer science and digital technology

Where to study this course in England?

Our university choice for the Information Security Management (Part-Time) MSc is Northumbria University in London.