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University of Bedfordshire

Food and Nutrition Science BSc (Hons)

Foundation Year, Undergraduate
3 years, 4 years
Tuition fee

Course description

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The curriculum of the Food and Nutrition Science BSc (Hons) course includes education in food and dietary supplement creation. It is a course designed for those who have a future in the food industry. Students develop their laboratory and research skills as well as their knowledge and awareness of nutrition and the principles that guide the food industry. The graduate’s competences are attractive to a potential employer.

Why study on the Food and Nutrition Science BSc (Hons) course?

  • Partners include industry companies such as Glaxo Smith Kline, Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and Cellmark Forensics.
  • The student satisfaction rating for the course is 90%
  • The teaching staff is a team of experts with professional links to the food and nutrition industry

What skills are developed during the course?

  • The Food and Nutrition Science BSc (Hons) curriculum covers human anatomy, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, nutritional standards, immunology, clinical dietetics and biotechnology
  • Students perform molecular and biochemical experiments
  • Trainees learn the principles of safety in working with food and learn how to carry out quality checks
  • Topics on global nutrition issues are addressed

Where to study this course?

Our proposal for the Food and Nutrition Science BSc (Hons) course is at the Univeristy Square Campus in Luton.

This course is organized by:
School of Life Sciences

This course awards the qualifications:
BSc Hons

Foundation year:

Pre-settle/Settle status/UK passport*/indefinitive leave to remain


Two years’ working experience(CV)
High school or technical school leaving certificate with an average of 3.0/ Baccalaureate passed at 45% overall

Language test:

Internal language test passed at 4.5pct level (scale 1-8)

Year one:

Pre-settle/Settle status/ British passport/indefinitive leave to remain


Baccalaureate passed with an average of 60% in all subjects

Language test:

Internal language test passed at 5.5pts (scale 1-8)
*People who only hold a UK passport can only apply through our agency if they are over 25 years of age