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Cyber Security Technology (Part-Time) MSc

2 years
Tuition fee
January, October

Course description

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The Cyber Security Technology (Part-Time) MSc course is part-time and leads to a Master’s degree. The course programme deepens the student’s knowledge of cyber security, technology topics and digital leadership. Students learn to understand network security design and infrastructure.

Why study for the Cyber Security Technology (Part-Time) MSc?

  • Northumbria University awarded Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACEs-CSR) title
  • Classes take the form of workshops, tutorials and discussion forums
  • Learning is supported by technology (TEL), which includes an e-learning platform and an electronic reading list
  • Students have an academic support team at their disposal

What skills does the course participant acquire?

  • Cyber Security Technology (Part-Time) MSc students learn about cloud-based systems and how to securely encrypt and store data
  • Students learn to manage projects and teams effectively
  • The study programme includes training in decision-making and responsibility
  • Graduates can work in positions such as Big Data Security Analyst and Big Data Developer, Network Analyst and Network Solution Developer, Network Solution Architect, Network Engineer, Network Specialist and Network Manager.

Where to study this course in England?

Our university suggestion for the Cyber Security Technology (Part-Time) MSc course is Northumbria University in London.