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London Metropolitan

Criminology and Sociology BSc (Hons)

3 years
Tuition fee
January, September

Course description

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Criminology and Sociology BSc (Hons) is an intermediate level course (LEVEL 6). Students can choose a mode from two available options:

  • 3 years full-time
  • 4 years with Foundation Year

The course is geared towards knowledge of sociology, criminology and the study of the causes and consequences of various behaviours and events in society.

Why choose the Criminology and Sociology BSc (Hons) course?

  • 95% of graduates find employment in the first 15 months after graduation
  • Student satisfaction rating for the course is 100%
  • Classes are taught by professionals in industries related to law and the social sciences

What skills do graduates gain on completion?

  • The Criminology and Sociology BSc (Hons) course addresses issues in law, policy, health and psychology
  • The degree prepares the graduate for a career as a researcher in the social sciences
  • Students gain an understanding of the social and cultural changes taking place in the country and around the world
  • Students learn to think analytically and lead discussions on crime, social responsibility, global dilemmas in societies.
  • In the second and third year, students can choose areas of particular interest and explore them in depth (migration policy, youth and crime, crime and the media)

Where to study this major?

We suggest you choose the Criminology and Sociology BSc (Hons) course at Bedford Campus.