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Computing and Technology (Part-time) MSc

2 years
Tuition fee
January, October

Course description

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The Computing and Technology (Part-time) MSc course aims to deepen students’ knowledge of information technology and the wider IT industry. The course is taught at MSc level on a part-time basis. Students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of programming languages and gain knowledge of the latest digital technologies.

Why study for the Computing and Technology (Part-time) MSc?

  • The course trains versatile professionals in digital innovation and IT
  • Graduates are able to manage human resources as well as IT projects
  • Classes take the form of workshops, discussion forums and tutorials
  • Lecturers are specialised practitioners who share their experience with students

What skills are acquired on the course?

  • Computing and Technology (Part-time) MSc students learn how to develop innovation strategies, they also train the ability to assess risk
  • During the course, technological subjects are mainly taught
  • Course modules include topics such as digital leadership, digital technologies and information management
  • The course curriculum also includes knowledge of data analytics, software engineering and cyber security
  • Students brush up on programming languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript and learn about databases SQL, MySQL

Where to study this course in England?

Our university suggestion for the Computing and Technology (Part-time) MSc is Northumbria University in London.