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QA Higher Education

Computing and Technology MSc

1 year, 2 years
Tuition fee
January, May, September

Course description

  • Information

The Computing and Technology MSc course programme is aimed at digital enthusiasts who associate their future with the IT industry. A highlight of the course is the opportunity to undertake an advanced apprenticeship to gain work experience. This course enhances the attractiveness of the graduate in the labour market and equips them with the necessary knowledge and professional qualifications.

Why study for a Computing and Technology MSc?

  • The study programme was designed with input from industry partners
  • Graduates of the course can benefit from the QA Professional Pathways programme, which develops competencies, particularly in the IT industry
  • The course programme allows you to undertake the Advanced Practice stage, which allows you to gain work experience

What skills does the course participant acquire?

  • Computing and Technology MSc students deepen their knowledge of digital leadership, IT and innovative digital technologies
  • The course programme includes the development of knowledge of programming languages
  • Students develop an innovation strategy and learn to assess risks
  • The course develops students’ leadership skills
  • During the Advanced Practice stage, students can undertake an internship, prepare a group counselling project or carry out a research project
  • The field of study also includes cyber security, information management, software engineering, business and technology innovation

Where to study this course in England?

Our university suggestion for the Computing and Technology MSc is Northumbria University in London.