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QA Higher Education

Business with Business Analytics MSc

1 year, 2 years
Tuition fee
January, May, September

Course description

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The Business with Business Analytics MSc course is a body of knowledge for those students who associate their future with business and data analytics. Data analysis leads to implementing effective solutions in organisations and making the right decisions. MSc students will be able to hone their skills in management, strategy building and implementation, effective leadership and project management.

Why study for the Business with Business Analytics MSc?

  • Newcastle Business School, to which the course is affiliated, is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • Graduates of the course can benefit from the QA Professional Pathways programme, which allows them to develop their competences
  • The classes are taught by experienced lecturers who have daily contact with the industry
  • Learning on this course is technology-enhanced (TEL), which includes the e-learning platform “Blackboard”
  • Students can benefit from academic support and are assigned academic supervisors

What skills can be gained on the course?

  • The course develops creativity and leadership potential
  • Business with Business Analytics MSc students learn to bring innovation to organisations
  • The course includes specialist modules: Business Intelligence and Strategic Marketing and Analytics
  • The course programme develops specialist skills in data analysis and teaches the use of tools
  • At the end of the course, the student must prepare a master’s thesis that summarises their knowledge of business and data analytics

Where to study this course in England?

Our university suggestion for the Business with Business Analytics MSc is Nothumbria University with a campus in London.