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London Metropolitan QA

Business Management BA (Hons)

London, Birmingham, Manchester
3 years
Tuition fee
April, July, November

Course description

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The Business Management BA (Hons) course is geared towards both understanding the theoretical issues involved in business management and implementing them in real-life situations. Students learn to understand the strategies and mechanisms that operate businesses, learn about the business environment and make their first decisions. Graduates are prepared for the challenges and problems posed by the business world.

Why study the Business Management BA (Hons) course?

  • The course is being delivered in partnership between QA Higher Education and London Metropolitan University.
  • The classes are held in a mixed format – some of them are delivered onsite and some online
  • Students can use campus facilities and academic support at all times

What skills does a Business Management BA (Hons) course student acquire?

  • Students in the course learn about business processes and functions, corporate behaviour, strategic management and business plan development
  • Workshops, lectures and tutorials are the part of the course that takes up between 9 and 12 hours per week, the remaining time is spent on projects and self-study
  • Students create portfolios, business plans, presentations and business reports
  • The course consists of topics such as data analytics and management, finance and accounting, marketing management, digital business management and technology implementation, managing an organisation’s workforce, problem solving and business decision-making, and corporate communication.

Where to study this course in England?

Our suggested university for the Business Management BA (Hons) course is London Metropolitan University with campuses in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

This course awards the qualifications:
BA Hons