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University of Bedfordshire

Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)

3 years
Tuition fee

Course description

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The Biomedical Science BSc (Hons) is a course for those who associate their future with science and the medical or research industry. During the course, high-level medical and molecular knowledge is acquired. In addition, the physiology of the human body and the causes and treatment of diseases are analysed. Students gain a high-level qualification that enables them to increase their value on the labour market.

Why choose this course of study?

  • The department works with industry professionals such as Glaxo Smith Kline, Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and Cellmark Forensics, who may become potential employers for graduates
  • Faculty researchers are involved in current research into viruses, lifestyle diseases, cancer and autoimmune diseases
  • The Biomedical Science course is accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Sciences
  • Students have access to first-class educational and research equipment

What skills do trainees acquire?

  • The Biomedical Science course covers topics in the fundamentals of laboratory science
  • Students learn standards for diagnosing and treating diseases
  • Knowledge is also imparted in practice – students can carry out molecular tests, observing the function of cells and organs in the human body
  • Students have access to the latest research in medicine and biotechnology
  • Subjects taught include microbiology and biochemistry, human anatomy and physiology, cell science, molecular genetics, chemistry, immunology, haematology

Where to study this course?

England offers candidates a wide choice of good quality higher education. Our offering for the Biomedical Science BSc (Hons) course is University Square with a campus in Luton.

This course is organized by:
School of Life Sciences

This course awards the qualifications:
BSc Hons

Foundation year:

Pre-settle/Settle status/UK passport*/indefinitive leave to remain


Two years’ working experience(CV)
High school or technical school leaving certificate with an average of 3.0/ Baccalaureate passed at 45% overall

Language test:

Internal language test passed at 4.5pct level (scale 1-8)

Year one:

Pre-settle/Settle status/ British passport/indefinitive leave to remain


Baccalaureate passed with an average of 60% in all subjects

Language test:

Internal language test passed at 5.5pts (scale 1-8)
*People who only hold a UK passport can only apply through our agency if they are over 25 years of age