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London Metropolitan

Education BA (Hons)

3 years
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Course description

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The Education (BA) BA (Hons) course helps the student to understand the idea of education and the concepts that guide the field. As part of the curriculum, students are introduced to issues in educational policy, educational theory and the methodology of effective and efficient teaching. All of these topics are aligned to both UK and international standards.

Why study the Education (BA) BA (Hons) course?

  • 95% of graduates find a job by 15 months after leaving education
  • Teaching staff have QTS competencies and professional experience as teachers and educational directors
  • The course has a high student satisfaction rating

What do students learn?

  • The course includes classes in sociology, psychology, philosophy, law, health and social care
  • Issues in the field of special educational needs are developed
  • Students complete internships and voluntary work placements to gain work experience
  • Students learn effective methods of fast learning and become familiar with the needs of people with disabilities

Where to study the major?

England offers a wide range of courses at different universities. Our suggested university for the Education (BA) BA (Hons) major is the University of Bedfordshire with a campus in Bedford.